Viva Le Picnic

Viva Le Picnic

Originally uploaded by Thomas Roche

Philip Warner writes on the Lithium Picnic LJ Community about an end to his legal troubles with Suicide Girls, about which I blogged here.

He sez:

“We have some news about our fight with SuicideGirls. We all sat down together and worked out an agreement that is really fair to everyone. We are especially relieved that we can now send people back to to see all of our early work together without feeling dirty. 🙂

“We are so glad to have this whole thing behind us. Good Luck to SuicideGirls in the future and look out for their new book coming out this fall that features some great classic Lithium Picnic photography. We’re really glad to end all the bad blood between us so we can all start concentrating on creating great art instead of fighting over it.”

There’s more, but that’s the gist of it. It’s all rather strange, but I am relieved that it is over.

Warner’s comments aside, Suicide Girls have irrevocably trashed their reputation in my book.

But that said, I’m just glad it’s over, so LP and Apnea can get back to doing what they do best — and damn, do they do it well.

UPDATE: Totally different perspective over at Blue Blood. I’m taking a Xanax and going to bed.

One Response to “Viva Le Picnic”

  1. Amelia G Says:

    Really? How about if you look at it from this perspective?

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