CNN Screencap Shows a World Gone Mad

CNN Screencap Shows a World Gone Mad

Originally uploaded by Thomas Roche

You know, some days I go to read the news and it all seems just too, too much. Like the world’s gone nuts. Tragedy, but bizarre tragedy. Today’s headlines:

Mississippi River washes over levees
* LIVE: Floods, other news happening now
* Tiger Woods out for the season
* CNNMoney: Economy rebound may be year away
* Bush pushes for more offshore drilling
* Chevron CEO: It’s not greed driving gas prices
* Roland Martin: Be honest, we all wish to be VIPs
* Ticker: Michelle Obama ‘touched’ by Laura Bush
* Michelle Obama preps for election close-up
* WXIA: Judge charged with human trafficking
* Expert: Man Googled ‘how to kill’
* Officer slams teen face-first into wall
* Exams reveal detainee torture, report says
* WHNS: Patrolman dies after traffic stop shooting
* De Niro testifies in penthouse dispute
* Bumper sticker could be road rage clue
* Pint-sized scam artist sought by police
* Naked frat boys run wild in street
* Time: Japan’s booming sex niche: elder porn
* Empathy deficit disorder — do you suffer from it?

Michele Obama touched by Laura Bush? Naked frat boys running wild in the street? DeNiro in an argument with Penthouse? Elder porn? Yes, yes, in fact I do suffer from empathy deficit disorder… and dammit, CNN, it’s your fault.


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