Colt Defender Multi-Barrell Shotgun

Colt Defender Multi-Barrell Shotgun

Originally uploaded by Thomas Roche

Lest readers of my blog think I’m a complete treehugger and with age have lost my affinity for violent mayhem, I give you two multi-barrell shotguns conceived as insurgency weapons, via gun blogger via Les Jones. The following is from Gun Tech:

The Winchester Liberator and Colt Defender were two remarkable shotgun designs that sprang from the fertile imagination of gun designer Robert Hillberg. They were originally conceived as guerilla and counter-guerilla weapons for clandestine warfare, and as such, they were shrouded in secrecy. To appreciate the Hillberg weapons, it is first necessary to consider modern guerilla warfare…. the ideal guerilla weapon must be simple and reliable. More importantly, it must posses a high probability of first round hit and a high probability of a first round kill, even in the hands of a relatively unskilled marksman. The shotgun answers these requirement perhaps better than any other weapon, and the designs proposed by Hillberg brought the shotgun to a new level of refinement for this niche.

Hillberg’s first gun was designed around several requirements. Aside from the requirements for hit probability and lethality, it must posses adequate firepower without being too complex. It should also be light and inexpensive to allow it to be delivered en masse via parachute. By early 1962 Hillberg had evolved his concept to a first design. This was a multi-barreled repeating shotgun that was basically an updated pepperbox design. This design gave the firepower of a semi-automatic without the complexity.

Read more, gun nuts!

Image: The Colt Defender, via Les Jones.


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