Aligator Found in Chicago River

Aligator, from Wikipedia

Originally uploaded by Thomas Roche

The Chicago Tribune reports on an American Aligator discovered and successfully trapped in the Bubbly Creek area of the Chicago River. After spending some time snapping at TV cameras, It’s being relocated to a sanctuary in the southeastern US.

Terrible things have emerged over the years from Bubbly Creek, a spot in the Chicago River that was once a churning sewer for the city’s slaughterhouses.

But until Friday, nobody had seen what Bill Cox and his co-workers saw—something with a devilish underbite, sinister eyes and a cold-blooded appetite.

An honest-to-goodness alligator in the Chicago River.

“It just stayed submerged with its eyes popping out like in the documentaries,” said Cox, director of human resources for Midland Metal Products. “It was in stealth mode, I think.”

Via Cryptomundo.


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