Buki The Clown Program Cancelled

Buki The Clown Program Cancelled

Originally uploaded by Thomas Roche

West Oakland Library: "Buki the Clown program cancelled — May be rescheduled for tomorrow at 10am."

Who the hell watches a clown program at 10am?


3 Responses to “Buki The Clown Program Cancelled”

  1. Buki the Clown Says:

    Kids, especially pre-school kids, go to the library at 10 a.m. for a clown show at the library.

  2. thomasroche Says:

    OK, thanks for the comment! Did the program happen? Hope it went well if so…

  3. Buki the Clown Says:

    Yes……the program happened the next day.

    Actually, the program was originally cancelled because of a police action in the area. Therefore, kidsids from Headstart and other schools were not taken out on the “field trip” to the library. I found out when I got to the library the morning of the original scheduling. I was asked to return the next day, which I was happy to do.

    My show is an eductional one, although the kids are having too much fun to notice how much they are learning. Please check my website under “Buki’s Public Appearances” and you can see the other library shows listed. Bear in mind that it is a very positive show, designed to have the kids feel that they are enlightened and smarter than the clown. The perfect age range is usually 3 to about 9, although I have had grandparents and great grandparents laugh wholeheartedly at my silly antics.

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