Macedonian Crime Writer Found Dead


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A weird twist in the weird case of Vlado Taneski, the Macedonian crime writer of committing the murders he reported on. From CNN:

A Macedonian journalist jailed on suspicion of murdering at least two women in crimes he wrote about for his newspaper has been found dead in his cell, police said Monday.

Vlado Taneski, 56, had been charged with two murders and was being investigated for the death of another woman and the disappearance of a fourth. He was jailed Sunday after a court ordered him held for 30 days pending the conclusion of the investigation.

Police became suspicious after Taneski published articles about the crimes in a national daily newspaper that contained details police had not released to the public.

Police spokesman Ivo Kotevski said the journalist is believed to have committed suicide early Monday, but an investigation was being conducted.

“He was found dead with his head in a bucket of water,” Kotevski told The Associated Press.

Kotevski said two other prisoners were in the same cell. He said police were expected to announce more details later Monday.

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