“Uncontacted Tribe” Actually Known for Decades

Uncontacted Tribe Photographed in Amazon

Originally uploaded by Thomas Roche

Bummer. Turns out that “uncontacted tribe” contacted in the Amazon has actually been known for almost 100 years. From Nat’l Geo:

Recent photos of an uncontacted tribe firing arrows at a plane briefly made these Amazon Indians the world’s least understood media darlings.

Contrary to many news stories, the isolated group has actually been monitored from a distance for decades, past and current Brazilian government officials say.

No one, however, is known to have had a face-to-face meeting with the nomadic tribe, which lives along the Peru-Brazil border. And no one knows how much, if anything, these rain forest people know about the outside world.

The tribe—whose name remains unknown—was first discovered by outsiders around 1910, according to José Carlos Meirelles, an official with Brazil’s Indian-protection agency (FUNAI).


One Response to ““Uncontacted Tribe” Actually Known for Decades”

  1. Matt Says:

    It was never said that the tribe was unknown, especially they live within a reserve dedicated to the protection of vulnerable, isolated tribes. The tribe was and remains ‘uncontacted’: no outsider has been known to have any peaceful contact with its members. This is true of about 100 tribes worldwide. Since the photographs were released, Peru has acknowledged the lands of uncontacted tribes on its side of the border, and sent a team to investigate the illegal logging that threatens their survival.

    Find out more about the world’s uncontacted tribes at http://www.survival-international.org/uncontactedtribes and read Survival’s original article at http://www.survival-international.org/news/3340

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