The Fun Bus in Miami

Moon Over Miami by Mark Averette via Wikipedia

Originally uploaded by Thomas Roche

I think Miami is my next vacation spot… not just because of this news item, but because the name of the madam is Christina Morta — I can only hope it’s a typo and her real name is “Morte.” Death as a bus-riding, lap-dancing prostitute is a longtime dream of mine, and if I were in Miami (or anywhere in Florida) I would most definitely want to know the cold embrace of Death.

From ABC 10:

Miami Beach police made 75 arrests as part of a prostitution crackdown meant to clean up the city.

According to police, Christina Morta was operating what appeared to be a brothel on wheels; a bus with five prostitutes on board that made regular stops along South Beach.

“One of our undercover officers saw the bus driving up and down Collins Avenue, was able to get on the bus for a certain amount of money, and saw the illegal activity going on inside,” said Miami Beach Det. Juan Sanchez

Morta allegedly charged $40 for patrons to board the quarter million-dollar bus. Once on board, prostitutes received even more money for performing lap dances and various sex acts, police said.

Police said Morta, the so-called madam, was also one of the prostitutes.

Image: Moon Over Miami from Wikipedia.


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