Steinberger Spirit

Steinberger Spirit

Originally uploaded by Thomas Roche

I have been wanting one of these friggin’ things for months. The Steinberger guitar is the 6-string guitar version of the legendary Steinberger bass guitar, which was originally made of graphite and carbon fibre, rather than wood and sounds and plays like nothing else in the friggin’ world. The thing that makes the Steinberger different, whether in bass or guitar version, is that it tunes down at the bottom with a system that means it rarely goes out of tune. It is also just really small and looks all weird cyberpunk and freaky, something that appeals to my aesthetics.

The Spirit is the cheap version of both the bass and the guitar, and incorporates wood, but in my experience plays kinda like a Steinberger. Enough for my purposes, since I don’t play nearly enough electric guitar to justify buying the more expensive Synapse or the TranScale, which plays like a baritone but capos down to a standard scale. (The TranScale sounds interesting, though I’ve never played a bari guitar… some amazing effin’ sounds out of the baritone guitar, and I’ve always had such a fondness for Ennio Morricone.)

Anyway…. I’ve been eyeballing the cheapass version at MusicYo forever, promised “This item will be available on 5/1/08,” “This item will be available on 5/31/08,” and subsequently “This item will be available on 7/1/08” and then “7/31/08″… and now they tell me no, we don’t know when it’ll be available, check these other fine retailers.

God damn it!! Back to the Washburn… but “Lucrezia, My Reflection” just doesn’t sound the same on it.


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