Seymour Hersh: American Boots on the Ground in Iran


Originally uploaded by Thomas Roche

CNN is reporting on journalist Seymour Hersh’s claim that Congress has authorized more than $400 million to launch a “‘significant escalation’ of covert operations in Iran, sending U.S. commandos to spy on the country’s nuclear facilities and undermine the Islamic republic’s government,” and that the operation “involves U.S. special operations troops and Iranian dissidents.” Said Hersh, “They believe that their mission is to make sure that before they get out of office next year, either Iran is attacked or it stops its weapons program.”

Hersh is a Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist who first gained prominence in 1969 for exposing the My Lai Massacre.

Let’s rewind: Hersh says Congress has authorized more than $400 million. If this is accurate, this money was certainly assigned as part of a black ops budget, but Pelosi, as part of the leadership, would have known about the program. This sort of operation is pretty common not only in Iran, but in Iraq before the US invasion, in North Korea, and anywhere else the US government doesn’t like.

But this is Iran, a potentially explosive diplomatic situation and, most importantly, the Bush Administration’s many-times-over explicitly stated likely-next-war. How much more obvious can the agenda be — not to pull Iran’s teeth as a terrorist or nuclear superpower, but to have their war whatever the supposed reason? The Bush administration lied through its teeth every step of the way on Iraq, and whatever might be said, I continue to believe that everyone in Washington knew the claims about WMDs were total shit. This time, the lies are even weaker, but still we’re marching into the gaping maw of endless war.

I do not live in San Francisco any longer, but if Hersh’s account is accurate, Pelosi is signing off on the new Bush war not only before we’ve finished the first one, but when it’s painfully obvious that they would be unable to complete any significant long-term operation against Iran before Bush leaves office, creating a big pile of shit for the next President to spend four to eight years cleaning up — instead of fixing the economy, saving the environment, and generally undoing the nightmare that eight years of corporatist dictatorship has created.

In my opinion, this war against Iran is an attempt to prevent the peaceful transition of power from one party to the other next January. It is one of two things — probably a little of each: a calculated attempt to scare the American public into war mode so they won’t vote for a liberal, and/or an attempt to cripple the next President — presumably Obama given how McCain’s numbers are looking at this point.

Much as the Bush cabal hated McCain before 2004, he’s their best bet now, and the supposedly independent-minded McCain has become their toady. McCain has an excuse: He’s an idiot, a right-wing war-mongering freedom-hating fascist nut job whose incompetence is superseded only by his hipocrisy. And Pelosi? You tell me.


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