Australian-Calabrian Mob Boss Rosario Gangemi Dies


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Interesting article in about the death of Rosario Gangemi:

One of Victoria’s veteran Calabrian mafia bosses has died of natural causes, aged 86.

Undercover police are expected to closely monitor mourners at Rosario “Ross” Gangemi’s Moonee Ponds funeral on Monday.

His death enables the Herald Sun to finally reveal Gangemi’s high standing in the mafia.

It also legally allows us to reveal that Gangemi was named by Italian police as ordering one of the infamous Victoria Market murders in 1963.

Gangemi served alongside Melbourne mafia godfather Liborio Benvenuto from the 1960s to the 1980s, possibly as his deputy.

Police intelligence files show he remained a respected and influential member until his death on Saturday in Coburg’s John Fawkner Hospital.

The Calabrian Mafia, or ‘Ndrangheta, is one of Italy’s four major crime syndicates, similar to the Apulian Sacra Corona Unita, the Neapolitan Camorra and the more widely known Sicilian Mafia. Apparently they also operate out of Australia.

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