Save the International Crypto Museum

Loren Coleman (front)


Originally uploaded by Thomas Roche

As reported on about ten zillion freaky blogs, BoingBoing and the LA Times (I am just now catching up on my crypto feeds), Cryptozoologist Loren Coleman, proprietor of Cryptomundo and the International Cryptozoology Museum in Portland, Maine, is in the process of being audited by the IRS, which questions the validity of Cryptozoology as a profession, among other things. The survival of the Museum is in question and, as Coleman observes, ‘No one likes the idea of becoming extinct!’

Coleman is seeking $15,000 in donations to help the Museum continue. You can donate at, where you can also find out more about Coleman’s work and the Museum — or watch the great BoingBoingTV episode on it.

Image from Cryptomundo.


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