Rubber Sex Reviewed Some More

Rubber Sex

Originally uploaded by Thomas Roche

Another review of Rachel Kramer Bussel’s anthology Rubber Sex mentions my story:

“…The opposite end of the caper spectrum is noir. Thomas Roche may have supplied a ‘spacey New Age shit,’ soundtrack to his story ‘Butterfly’s Kiss,’ but I heard a lone wailing sax and a voiceover right out of a gumshoe flick…. Roche has the skill to write a story that will leave you gulping for air even while it turns you on. If you can endure being uncomfortable, enjoy the challenge this edgy story provides.”

Hooray! Thanks, Kathleen Bradean. Read more at Erotica Revealed.

Oh… and Kathleen, I agree, the tattoo stuff is totally opaque. I guess it’s meant to be obscure. I am reminded of a Roger Zelazny quote from the introduction to his second short story anthology, where he dicussed his early stories that did not sell and did not work as stories. I paraphrase his comments by saying that it occurred to me that I was explaining more to the reader than I would want explained to me.

I amend Zelazny’s sentiments with my own “So I resolved to be an obscure pain in the ass,” which I’m sure Zelazny never did. I’m pleased to note I’ve been at least partially successful…

Update: I originally credited this review to Steven Hart… sorry about this, Kathleen, and thanks for the review.


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