The ICHC Recruitment Team Wantz U

The ICHC Recruitment Team Wantz U

Originally uploaded by Thomas Roche

I Can Has Cheezburger? is hiring humans, which offends my sensibilities. Surely the Cat Overlords are just looking for minions….

I Can Has Cheezburger? is growing — again!

We’re looking for a Full-Time .NET Developer/Superhero with a passion for coding with expert .NET expertise. You will make the intarwebs a better tube for millions as we develop some amazing tools and features (we’re more than just a blog under this fur!). We offer flexible hours, a fun work environment, health benefits and freedom from the tyranny of spelllcheck. (Plus free cat pictures!)

The One and Only Technical Requirement:

A deep, expert understanding of developing, deploying and managing customer-facing web sites using ASP.NET (using C#), SQLServer and IIS. We need .NET developers who have been working with the .NET (ASP.NET, IIS and SQLServer) for at least 5 years. We’re looking for expert-level developers at this tiem.

Experience with AJAX is a real plus.

Bonus Skillz:

All your bases must belong to you
Cannot have lost the game
Can make the cake a reality
Please send your resume to This job is available for telecommuting from within US and Canada only. Travel to HQ in Seattle is required.

Image from ICHC.


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