Devo Suing McDonald’s

Devo Suing McDonald’s

Originally uploaded by Thomas Roche

Destiny tips me off that Devo is suing McDonald’s, as reported by McDonald’s has imitated Devo’s trademark hat on a toy it released in conjunction with ‘American Idol’ not realizing said hat design is actually, yes, trademarked. The toy is part of a Happy Meal toy series that includes Disco Dave, Country Clay, Rockin’ Riley and Soulful Selma. This one’s called New Wave Nigel.

‘We don’t like McDonald’s, and we don’t like American Idol’ said bass player Gerald Casale in the article. Furthermore: ‘The band also allege that the toy plays a ‘Devo-esque song.”

Update: On Flickr, this post received a comment by a guy named Wayne Weedon, who seems to only post Devo related material to his Flickr stream. Sez Wayne: “Just Spin 😉 It worked though! The claim has now been officially denied.” Sez me: “Huh?”

Image: Mark Mothersbaugh, by Corentin LAMY, from Wikipedia.


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