Happy Plague Day

Death’s Head

Originally uploaded by Thomas Roche

Rotten.com informs me that 660 years ago today, your friend and mine, The Black Death made its first appearance in England. BritainExpress.com seems to agree, sort of vaguely, putting the fateful arrival some time from June to August 4.

Yersinia Pestis apparently arrived in Britain on a Genoese ship. It causes three main forms of disease: Bubonic (swelling nodules in the crotch, armpits and elsehwere), Pneumonic (in the lungs), and Septicemic (in the bloodstream), none of which sounds like a hoedown.

There has been some speculation that the Black Death might have been caused by another infectious agent like Ebola or Anthrax; theories at the time included the vengeance of God for sinfulness and/or Jewish witchcraft. I’m voting for Y. Pestis.

So happy Plague day!


One Response to “Happy Plague Day”

  1. paul1701 Says:

    Some folk suggest that with 6 billion of us infecting the planet it’s time for a revisit. Nasty….but it would solve a few food and energy concerns.

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