Organized Crime in Turkey

Sultan Ahmed Mosque, Istanbul

Originally uploaded by Thomas Roche

A very strange article in Istanbul’s Today’s Zaman about the atempted establishment of a national Turkish mafia with roots in the Turkish government. The article claims: “The Ergenekon gang, a terrorist organization that is currently the subject of an extensive investigation that saw a number of high-profile arrests last week, had drawn up plans to establish a national mafia that would be directly subordinate to the Turkish General Staff.” The report referenced refers to the proposed mafia organization as “Octobus (Cosa Nostra),” interesting because “Octopus” is an occasionally used law enforcement metaphor for the Sicilian mafia (not actually known as Cosa Nostra, but whatever).

While we’re talking about Turkey, that country’s daily newspaper Sabah claims a former national transportation minister asked a Turkish mafia lord to write off a $200,000 gambling debt. Oh, and The Falcon and the Moon has a lengthy post about the connections between the Turkish mafia, Turkey’s government, and U.S. government neocon forces.

Image from Wikipedia.


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