Gorbachov: The Music Video

Gorbachov: The Music Video

Originally uploaded by Thomas Roche

Remember my post about Russian philologist Marina Orlova and the AK-47? Do you recall the implication that I have a very mushy nature when it comes to Russia and working-class-heroism? You know how despite all my Orwellian bird-flipping I’m actually a big socialist fruit with dreams of a worker’s utopia? Some other weirdo shares my vision, and his has even more hot blondes than mine did.

This fantastically goofy horrorcore-deathpolka video from a Russian metal band called ANJ just about brought me to tears — despite, or perhaps because of, the industrial-strength cleavage of the female worker-heros and, perhaps more importantly, the small army of zombie Stalins being hacked to pieces and/or disintegrated into spouts of effervescent green goo by an axe-wielding barbarian’s laser-bolt eyesight.

See it here or visit the band at their myspace.com/anjkill. You’ll love it if you drink your vodka neat.

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