Not Our Fashion Sense

Nancy Pelosi: Not Our Fashion Sense

Originally uploaded by Thomas Roche

Kay Barnes, former Mayor of Kansas City and currently running as a Democrat for Congress in Missouri, is apparently pretty cozy with Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi. This has apparently provided ammunition to her opponent, incumbent Republican Sam Graves, a former volunteer fireman and Eagle Scout who opposes interracial trios drinking and dancing badly together, as showcased in this high-fucking-layrious campaign ad now available on YouTube.

In it, Graves’ campaign proclaims to Missourans that San Francisco Values are "Not Our Values," which, if these three fashion plates are any indication, I’m quite sure the Missourans will be relieved to hear. That this bootyshakin’ trio is equated with Abortion On Demand, Gay Marriage, Immigration Amnesty and clinking your glasses together like annoying yuppies should only confuse them, but hey, who cares? If I were a Missouran, I’d vote for anyone to keep my kids from wearing their hair like that girl on the right!


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