John McCain Tells Obama to Get Off His Lawn

John McCain Tells Obama to Get Off His Lawn

Originally uploaded by Thomas Roche

The best thing about YouTube is how easy it is to view life on the far fringes of existence, where reality encounters unreality: footage of UFOs, Nessie, Mothman, ghosts, Bigfoot flipping me the bird, Greys peeking in suburban windows, and John McCain ads.

Here, McCain compares Obama to Paris and Britney Spears, since he’s a celebrity — implying, therefore, that Obama is going to embarass his country by forgetting to wear underwear when climbing out of a sports car in front of the Paparazi, or maybe making out with Lindsay Lohan in a club in Ibiza.

Being a celebrity in McCain’s book is tantamount to being French — it’s a little bit weird, and more than a little fruity. Obama is a celebrity: people are paying attention to him. There must be something seriously fucked up with him.

As a bitter old writer in much the same way that McCain is a bitter old politician, I’ve been known to say the same thing about J.K. Rowling, Stephen King and, basically, anyone more popular than me. Hopefully someday me and McCain can dine in Hell together, forgotten, screaming “Get off my lawn!” out the window between courses.


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