Skyhook’s Boeing JHL-40

Skyhook’s Boeing JHL-40

Originally uploaded by Thomas Roche

Interesting article on Discovery News about the Boeing JHL-40, currently being used by SkyHook International to search for natural resources in the Arctic.

The size of a football field and filled with helium, the JHL-40 is designed for heavy lifting and is able to replace a large number of cargo helicopters at a lower cost and less fuel expenditure.

The JHL-40 is neutrally buoyant, unlike a plane or copter, which is negatively buyoyant — they would crash if you turned the engines off — and a blimp, which is positively buyoyant — it would float away. The JHL-40 will require a new type of pilot’s license.

I hope it will not also prove to be instrumental in the apocalypse.

Image from a Boeing press kit via Wikipedia.


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