Ubu for President

Ubu for President

Originally uploaded by Thomas Roche

Alfred Jarry’s legendary play Ubu Roi has been adapted by Josh Costello into “Ubu for President,” and is being directed by Patrick Dooley for the Shotgun Players. It runs at John Hinkel Park in Berkeley from August 2-September 14, 2008. This post may qualify for a spoiler alert.

“Ubu Roi” means, roughly, “King Turd.” The first line of the play is “Merdre!” — generally translated as “Shittr!” When the play was first performed in Paris in 1896, the line, considered, er, shocking at the time, elicited an hours’ worth of booing, hooting, catcalls, cheers, obscene gestures and general outrage.

Then, just to spice things up, Ubu said, and I quote, “Merdre!” Things kind of deteriorated from there.

It was apparently quite a fun evening, and I’m sure the Berkeley performance of this new adaptation will be no less entertaining. Go to ShotgunPlayers.org now and get your tickets!

Info from Wikipedia and elsewhere. Image from ShotgunPlayers.org.


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