Yes to F***ing Carrots!

carrots, blurred

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Of all my inexplicable pet peeves, there are a few that stand out as extra-bizarre… like my distaste for the product name “Yes to Carrots,” a personal care line that is displayed prominently at Wallgreens.

I can’t explain it. Every time I see their products, I want to punch somebody’s lights out. Now the San Francisco Business Times informs me they’ve got $14 million to annoy me with:

Yes To Inc., an Israel-based consumer products company that owns the Yes To Carrots line of natural personal-care products, said Tuesday that it raised $14 million in its first round of venture financing.

The round was led by San Francisco Equity Partners. Simon Equity Partners also gave money. Yes To approached the two investors because of their earlier backing of San Francisco-based Method Products, a maker of environmentally friendly cleaning products.

The company will also establish its corporate headquarters in San Francisco. The company will continue operating offices outside Chicago and in Tel Aviv.

Yes To is off to a good start. Sales more than doubled since its debut in the United States last year. Walgreens has carried the company’s products since May 2007. The company will continue to maintain an office near Chicago and the Illinois headquarters of Walgreen’s, which had an exclusive distribution agreement with Yes To until recently.

Great. Just frickin’ great.


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