The Montauk Monster

The Montauk Monster

Originally uploaded by Thomas Roche

I spotted this in the news a couple of days ago, but have been too busy to blog about it… the Montauk Monster, a creature washed ashore at Montauk, Long Island. Guesses at its identity range from a turtle that’s lost its shell to a dog or raccoon. There’s an animal diseases research facility not far from the location, which has been ecouraging speculation about government experiments and space aliens.

It all smells very shady to me, though; a woman took this photo, then a 22-year-old lifeguard claims to have retrieved the body; it is now decomposed to bones and being stored by him in a comforter bag. One of his friends is wearing the piece of cloth (right foreleg) around his neck. “We’re having fun with it,” the dude said in a call-in radio show. “It’s a great beast.”

Get off my lawn!! I wonder how much he’s planning on asking for the remains. That part’s not covered in this CNN Video.

It all reminds me of the Great Chupacabra Summer of 2007, where a woman claimed to have found the body of the Chupacabra. In fact, it was in fact a Mexican Hairless Dog. The woman who found it kept the thing’s head in a freezer. This one looks like a waterlogged, decomposed pooch to me.

RIP, Fido… sorry to have disturbed you.


One Response to “The Montauk Monster”

  1. Craig Grant Says:

    The Monster of Montauk mystery SOLVED!
    I found another archived photo and solved this mystery

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