McCain Spokesman: Times Editors Playing D&D, or Possibly AD&D

Dungeons and Dragons

Originally uploaded by Thomas Roche

Pissed off about back-to-back editorials criticizing McCain for 1) negative campaign ads and 2) hitting below the belt on race, McCain campaign spokesman Michael Goldfarb said something truly extraordinary, according to this SFGate article:

“If the shareholders of The New York Times ever wonder why the paper’s ad revenue is plummeting and its share price tanking, they need look no further than the hysterical reaction of the paper’s editors to any slight, real or imagined, against their preferred candidate…” said McCain campaign spokesman Michael Goldfarb.

Goldfarb compared the editors to a blogger “sitting at home in his mother’s basement and ranting into the ether between games of Dungeons & Dragons.”

Wait… if that’s what the New York Times editors are, then WTF am I? Scary existential moment, there. Thanks, John McCain.

Oh, and that can of whoop-ass the Times just opened? All yours, Senator. Me and my half-elf magic user are going to be busy playing Level 14.

Image by Rocco Pier Luigi from Wikipedia.


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