Wacky Creationist Crypto Reports from Papua New Guinea

Therizinosaurus by Aaron Gustafson

Originally uploaded by Thomas Roche

Interesting post over at a blog called Great Dinosaur Mystery about some wacky “Young Earth Creationist” claims of a cryptid supposedly spotted in Papua New Guinea.

The short version: Australian Creationist Brian Irwin claims natives saw a cryptid and reported it to him. He asserts that the beast was a Therizinosaurus, a great big 9-meter feathered dinosaur with claws up to a meter in length, which is interesting enough in itself, despite the fact that the encounter is unsupported at best and probably never happened.

Therizinosaurus_scaleWhen it comes to the Therizinosaurus, I especially like how the dude in this picture is waving at you. “Hi, dude! Don’t stress, man, it’s herviborous! No worries!”

The most interesting thing about the whole gig, however, is the Great Dinosaur Mystery blog on which appears the post that caught my eye. That blog exists to debunk young earth creationism and pay homage to the late 1980s animated TV series C.O.P.S..

Not sure if there’s a direct connection there, but does there really need to be one?

Photo: Therizinosaurus model, Royal Ontario Museum, by Aaron Gustafson, from Wikipedia.

Illustration: by Matt Martyniuk & Scott Hartman, from Wikipedia.


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