Bigfoot In a Freezer

Bigfoot In a Freezer

Originally uploaded by Thomas Roche

If you, gentle reader, somehow missed the news blitzkrieg of the last few days, I must first humbly apologize for being too busy to blog about it. How could I not point out the Bigfoot Hoax of 2008? How could you have been living without it?

Rick Dyer and Matthew Whitton are two Georgians (from the state this time, not the country) who say they’ve found a bigfoot body, and presented this photo as evidence. Since the photo looks kinda like a gorilla suit stuffed with moldy pillows, it shouldn’t surprise you that they’ve hooked up with Palo Alto’s Tom Biscardi, the “Real Bigfoot Hunter,” who promoted a fake Bigfoot body in 1995. Check out the press conference. They’re hiding the body and supposedly sent samples of the tissue to scientists, who found of three samples one was human, one was possum, and one was damaged. These folks are touting this as “proof.”

The group also put out a silly YouTube video in which it kind of appears they can’t decide whether it’s a hoax or not.

It is. Nonetheless, they’re going to write a book about the experience. Meanwhile, real sasquatches everywhere are positioning themselves in strategic locations around our cities, preparing to irradiate us with Denebian mind-control rays. Put on your tinfoil hats, everybody.

Photo from Bigfoot Global LLC, Via CNN.


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