Cryptozoo Crew Movie

Cryptozoo Crew 2

Originally uploaded by Thomas Roche informs me that there’s a movie being made of the adorable comic Cryptozoo Crew, in which Tork and Tara Darwyn try to save improable creatures. Screenhead tells me “The movie is being adapted to the big-screen by Joe Gazzam, with Andrew Kosove and Broderick Johnson producing. Gazzam wrote the initial draft for Scared Straight.” By “Scared Straight” they do not mean the bizarre documentary that terrorized me as a child and subsequently won the Best Documentary Oscar, but the upcoming Nicholas Cage prison flick.

Enough crowbarring leads me to press release, which has more information and actually gets me vaguely fired up about the thing.

True to form, I’m sure Hollywood will brutalize my childlike enthusiasm long before the movie even comes out. Looking forward to that.

One Response to “Cryptozoo Crew Movie”

  1. JSmith Says:

    I’m an assistant at Sony and had to read Gazzam’s 21 Jump Street script. It ROCKED. Was the best script I’ve read in 2 years there (and I’ve read a TON).

    I also have a childhood fascination with Cryptozoology, so that material with Gazzam executing it — I am definitely IN!!!

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