Georgia’s Bigfoot is a Hoax (Duh)

Bigfoot In a Freezer

Originally uploaded by Thomas Roche

From WGCL Atlanta:

ATLANTA — A Web site that claimed two Georgia men had found Bigfoot says the men’s claim is a fraud. has confirmed that the two Georgia men who claimed they found bigfoot were lying.

The Web site said that Matthew Whitton and Ricky Dyer delivered the freezer containing the reported remains of the Bigfoot the day after the press conference that they called for. It also said that Whitton and Dyer were given an undisclosed amount of money from Searching For Bigfoot before they went public with their find.

…After the Searching For Bigfoot team and “The Real Bigfoot Hunter” Tom Biscardi began to thaw out the creature in a 1,500 lb. cooler of ice, they discovered it was a rubber suit. Biscardi contacted Whitton and Dyer and they agreed to admit the truth to the public. When Biscardi arrived at their hotel, the pair had vanished.

Searching For Bigfoot believes that their motive was financial.


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