Mirrors: Not a Movie Review

Mirrors Kiefer Sutherland

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I was kind of interested in the Kiefer Sutherland film Mirrors, a remake of a 2003 South Korean horror movie, because I’ve always been fascinated by mirrors as a symbol and especially as a mechanism of magic. I was kinda interested, I should say, even though it looked so wretchedly horrible I could hardly comprehend its badness, even ameliorated as it was by having some chick pull her face off.

I think I’ll be giving this one a pass. Most horror movies get shit reviews, but this one is getting some extra-special love from critics, according to IMDB:

Jeanette Catsoulis in the New York Times commented that Sutherland “is believably beleaguered, though not even as Jack Bauer did he ever pull a gun on a nun. It’s good to see him stretch.” But, addressing Sutherland, Roger Moore wrote in the Orlando Sentinel, “There’s got to be more of an excuse for this than ‘this is all I could line up for my hiatus from 24.'” And Bruce DeMara in the Toronto Star concluded “In a film that features scads of broken mirrors, the recipients of the proverbial bad luck seem to be those who unwisely bought a ticket.”

Sounds like this one’s a rental.


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