Rocky Horror to be Remade With New Songs

Rocky Horror to be Remade With New Songs

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According to IMDB they are remaking Rocky Horror. Because watching a movie from 1975 is apparently just too god damned much work for today’s youth, apparently.

According to Wikipedia,
“The producers said that they wouldn’t use the original songs for the remake, instead they will be having new songs to feature.”

Whatever language that is supposed to be in, I think it is supposed to mean that this is the most boneheaded idea in the history of movies. New songs? Look, look, look, a remake is bad enough, but people have been remaking this fucker in darkened movie theatres for more than 30 years. If some hopped-up bunch of Regular Frankie Fans wanted to put together a freaked-out homage, I could maybe be convinced it was a fan film, and I’d throw rice. But new songs? Lord have mercy, Christ have mercy, Lord have mercy, what are these people thinking? Oh, it’s MTV; now I understand.

RHPS author Richard O’Brien seems to agree with me, though perhaps more cautiously, saying he doesn’t have an opinion on whether it should be remade, but the new film does not have his blessing. Asshole Barry Bostwick (who is and always will be my f***in’ hero) said: “Oh, really? That’s a waste of money…. understand that I’m not making this as a total comparison, but it would be like saying, ‘Hey, let’s go remake ‘Casablanca’! …You should just leave those things alone.” His slutty opposite number Susan Sarandon asked “Why would anyone want to do a remake of a cult classic?”

Why indeed, Janet Weiss?

In protest, I plan to totally refuse to smoke pot or get a handjob in the back row of the new film, and I will NOT be dreaming it OR being it in relation to this ill-advised project, motherfuckers.


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