The Trouble With ‘Watchmen’


Originally uploaded by Thomas Roche

IMDB informs me of a brewing bitchfight over the rights to Alan Moore’s Watchmen:

Claiming that it bought the rights to DC Comics’ The Watchmen in the 1980s, 20th Century Fox on Monday said that it will attempt to obtain an injunction to block Warner Bros., which owns DC Comics, from releasing an already-completed film based on the flawed superheroes. The film, directed by Zak Snyder (300) and starring Patrick Wilson and Jeffrey Dean Morgan is scheduled for release on March 6. Fox had sued Warner Bros. last February, and on Monday a federal judge refused to dismiss the lawsuit. L.A. Weekly columnist Nikki Finke commented on her Dateline Hollywood Daily website, “This is indeed a stunning development which could imperil Warner Bros’ entire 2009 movie slate.” But legal experts interviewed by Wired magazine predicted a settlement under which Warner Bros. would go ahead with the release of the movie with Fox getting a piece of the revenue.

I did not hate 300 as much as my fellow right-thinking weirdos; as bizarrely retrograde and reactionary as the flick was, it had big swords and, like, beheadings and shit. It was bad, but bloody — often a fine combination, and in the case of 300, as mildly watchable for a fantasy geek with no taste in movies as, say, 1982’s execrable The Sword and the Sorcerer. The screaming raving drooling homophobia was merely, I found, bizarre and, despite itself, kinda gay.

Watchmen, however, of which I recently saw a trailer, looks like a godawful mess. Since Hollywood has a history of turning out just, oh, astonishingly great movies made from Alan Moore comics, I’m sure I’m being unnecessarily pessimistic. Surely it’ll be great, won’t it? And movies are always even better with a lawsuit attached.


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