Sex in the Olympic Village

Olympic Flag

Originally uploaded by Thomas Roche

Little Tart sent me a great article by two-time Olympian Matthew Syed from the Times Online entitled Sex in the Olympic City.

His depictions of an ad hoc municipality of elite athletes representing the flesh on the planet with the most muscle tone, endurance and cardiovascular fitness is really quite endearing and hot.

If you agree with me on that point, you may be either disappointed or further titillated, depending on your Nerd Quotient, to find out that Syed’s sport is table tennis, which may actually be the least sexy sport on the current summer games roster. If your answer is “further titillated,” give yourself five (or what the hell, ten!) Dweeb Points and fill out this card to be entered into a drawing for an orgy with the Badminton team.

Image: Olympic flag, public domain, by Denelson83 on Wikipedia.


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