Sacramento Horror Film Festival

Sacramento Horror Film Festival

Originally uploaded by Thomas Roche

Once upon a time, I lived in a town called Sacramento. It is about 90 minutes east of San Francisco and a couple hours west of Lake Tahoe. When I lived there, the place featured many trees, two rivers, a large number of State jobs and newspaper called The Sacramento Bee that had a music reviewer who could not stop mentioning that Journey singer Steve Perry had lived there briefly in the early ’70s (a assertion that, it turns out, is not true).

It was weird.

Twenty years later, there is a thing called the Sacramento Horror Film Festival that looks pretty cool. Special guests include The Chiodo Brothers (Killer Klowns From Outer Space), Adrienne King (Alice in Friday the 13th), film score composer Harry Manfredini, electronica band Insect, horror host Mr. Lobo and The Queen of Trash and something called The Zoopy Show.

I’m pretty sure it will be weird.

Via XBiz (Not Safe for Work)


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