Boston Globe on the New England Mafia

Cold Boston

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There’s not a lot of new stuff about Carmen “The Cheese Man” DiNunzio or his New England confederates in what used to be the Patriarca crime family in this Boston Globe article. But there are a few very interesting images.

Some of [DiNunzio’s] underlings have supplemented their incomes by shoplifting, and one aging soldier was spotted peddling electric toothbrushes on a street in the North End, State Police said.

The local Mafia, which traditionally denounced drugs, now tolerates addicts in its ranks. And some members of the old guard have turned down promotions or become inactive because they fear going back to prison or have lost faith after seeing Mafiosi around the country break omerta, the code of silence, and turn informant or government witness, police said.

….Jeffrey S. Sallet, supervisory special agent in charge of the FBI’s Providence office and coordinator of the New England division’s organized crime program, agreed, saying that La Cosa Nostra, commonly known as the Mafia, “has less of a talent pool to pull from because of ethnic neighborhoods disappearing.”

The New England Mafia does not wield as much power or make as much money as it did in the 1980s, before its ranks were depleted by waves of convictions, law enforcement officials said.

There are about 30 made members of the Mafia in Greater Boston, compared with at least double that in the 1980s, Johnson said.

“They are a shell of what the organization was years ago,” said Major Steven O’Donnell, deputy superintendent of the Rhode Island State Police.

Image of Boston from Shutterscript.


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