Israeli Mobsters Indicted in US


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Interesting stuff in the LA Times Blogs about Israeli mobsters Meir and Itzhak Abergil, and their federal racketeering charges in the US:

A story in Tuesday’s paper detailed the federal racketeering charges levied against Israeli crime bosses Meir and Itzhak Abergil. The pending U.S. extradition request is just the latest twist for the duo believed to head one of Israel’s top five crime families.

The pair has been under investigation by Israeli and American authorities for years, and Itzhak Abergil dodged a drug trafficking charge in the Netherlands in 2004.

They and other prominent Israeli crime families have evaded local prosecution for years, partially because the vast majority of their criminal activities, such as ecstasy trafficking, took place outside Israel. Among those activities, according to the 77-page indictment, was an alliance with the Vineland Boys, a San Fernando Valley gang, to distribute ecstasy.

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