Sarah Palin is McCain’s Runningmate

Sarah Palin is McCain’s Runningmate

Originally uploaded by Thomas Roche

I just had the very 21st-century experience of thinking I was ahead of the curve by reading political blogs, and then finding out I was behind the curve, from Wikipedia. Someone had updated Sarah Palin’s Wikipedia page with the fact that she’d gotten the VP nomination, and someone else had already demanded a citation for it.

While I want to applaud the choice of a woman to accompany McCain on his journey into historical obscurity, this is actually kind of an insulting choice. Palin is only four years older than me (and I am a spring f*cking chicken, let me tell you). She has been Alaska governor since December, 2006. Before that was on the city council of a town with a population of 5,470. She is, of course, strongly pro-life. This is the most qualified Republican woman he could find?

WTF? McCain is trying to accuse Obama of having little experience and this is his runningmate? And at the same time this is his answer to concerns about his age?

It seems like the only people McCain can cater to are pissed-off Hillary Democrats who are more angry at Obama than they are pro-choice, and Operation Rescue.

After last night’s inspiring speech by Obama, McCain’s floundering seems stranger and stranger… like he doesn’t even care, or doesn’t know what to do. This is the man we’re being asked to put in the White House with his finger on the Button.


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