Performance In Conjunction With Arse Elektronika

Performance In Conjunction With Arse Elektronika

Originally uploaded by Thomas Roche

I’m performing at an event MCed by Carol Queen in conjunction with Arse Elektronika the same weekend as Folsom.

Friday, September 26, 9pm, doors open at 8 — ARSE ELEKTRONIKA READING
(@ Center for Sex & Culture / 1519 Mission Street near 11th, San Francisco)

Carol Queen, with the support of the Center for Sex & Culture and cosponsorship of San Francisco’s premiere SF/fantasy bookstore Borderlands, presents a curated erotic reading evening, featuring writers who commonly explore sexual themes in their science fiction and alt-reality fiction work. While the focus of much of the Arse Elektronika conference (see Other Events below) will be a critical deconstruction of sexual tropes in SF/speculative/alt-reality fiction, the focus of this event will be to appreciate and celebrate the fiction itself. Readers include Richard Kadrey, Rudy Rucker, M. Christian, Charlie Anders, Steven Schwartz, Thomas Roche, and Carol Queen.

No charge, but we will pass the hat in support of the Center for Sex & Culture, San Francisco’s unique non-profit sex education resource!


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