Check It: The Large Hadron Rap

Check It: The Large Hadron Rap

Originally uploaded by Thomas Roche

Happy September, everyone! Hope you plan to enjoy the time between now and September 10, when the universe may disappear into a puff of smoke, if it was ever here at all. That’s when the Large Hadron Collider goes live, and Kate McAlpine, a science writer at CERN, which houses the LHC, explains it all with some dope rhymes in the geekiest rap since Fuck the Creationists. The weird thing is that if you know a tiny bit about particle physics you can actually follow the science, sort of.

McAlpine even made the news. This sort of thing should amuse us greatly in the eight microseconds between LHC’s first collisions and the dissolution of all existing universes into thirty-dimensional strings.

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