Just Call 1-900-HOT-DUCK

Just Call 1-900-HOT-DUCK

Originally uploaded by Thomas Roche

From CNN:

‘People calling a federal phone number to order duck stamps are instead greeted by a phone-sex line, due to a printing error the government says would be too expensive to correct.

‘The carrier card for these duck stamps had an incorrect phone number on it.

‘The carrier card for the duck stamp transposes two numbers, so instead of listing 1-800-782-6724, it lists 1-800-872-6724. The first number spells out 1-800-STAMP24, while the second number spells out 1-800-TRAMP24.

‘People calling that second number are welcomed by ‘Intimate Connections’ and enticed by a husky female voice to ‘talk only to the girls that turn you on’ for $1.99 a minute.

‘Duck stamps, which cost $15 apiece, are required to hunt migratory waterfowl. The government uses nearly all the revenue to purchase waterfowl habitat for the National Wildlife Refuge System. In 2006-2007, the latest figures available, duck stamp purchases brought in nearly $22 million.’


One Response to “Just Call 1-900-HOT-DUCK”

  1. Kevin Pierce Says:


    NEWSWIRE–A misprint on the federal “duck stamp” has a phone-sex-service number affixed to cards that are distributed to millions of waterfowl hunters.

    She picked up the phone with seduce-and-flirt answer
    But balked at my questions on Goose and Merganser.
    I asked for some facts about Cygnets and Teals;
    She teased of relaxing in fishnets and heels.
    She said she’d act out as whatever I made her,
    But rankled at Trumpeter, Plover and Wader.
    I swore my intentions weren’t odd or foul;
    I can’t help it if my hangup’s waterfowl.

    She hung up, but I have a waiting call:
    It’s my fate to call 900-MATING CALL.

    Light verse, ripped from the headlines

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