The Typo At the End of the World

Higgs Event

Originally uploaded by Thomas Roche

In celebration of the firing-up of the Large Hadron Collider, I was compelled to read this SciTechBlog post at CNN in which the author solicits comments about whether the world is going to end, and suggests that you get them in by 3:30 ET on Wednesday (today), since that’s when a mini-black hole might be starting to swallow Switzerland.

Soliciting comments on the end of the world is a strange tactic that I probably would not have gone for, myself. Amid comments like “9/11 was an inside job” and “Being killed by a black hole would be so cool” comes something truly special.

Please note the comment by the CNN author, in bold, toward the end.

If you are so sure, then answer this 54321Question!

Life on Earth as we know it is about 5
billion years old, while actual civilization is only about 4 thousand years old as in The Incas, The ancient Egyptians, the civilization in Mesopotamia and others. But real civilization is only about 3 hundred years old including Leonardo Da Vinci, Mozart and The Industrial Revolution. Now let us look at the last “2-Ten” years and compare that to the past 300 hundred years. The things that we have and invented in the past twenty years make everything before that look primitive. This includes computers, The Hubble telescope, DNA, cloning and many others.

Do you notice a pattern? Do you notice the laser exponential progress of technology?
Here is a summary:

5 Billion : Age of Life on Earth
4 Thousand : Civilization
3 Hundred : Real Civilization
2 Ten :Technology Explosion

Do you now notice the sequence? We can not deny facts. It took 5 billion years to get to civilization, but then it only took 4 thousand years to jump to real civilization. Later it only took 300 hundred years to leap into the explosion of technology which occurred in the last “2-Ten” years.

It is obvious that the next line is “1-One”.

If the previous “2-Ten” years were an explosion of technology that dwarfed the technology of the past 300 hundred years, then what is the technology that is going to be in the “NOW” that is going to make cloning, the Hubble telescope and the current computer power not just look mediocre but “PRIMITIVE”.

Is it The Large Hardon Collider?

If so, then what is the next line in the above logic?

Sam Bandak
Santa Clara, CA.

Thanks Sam. And it’s the Large Hadron Collider. I’m surprised that other word got through Spellcheck.

We Californians are a special breed.

Image: Simulated Higgs Event, from CERN, via Wikipedia.


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