Cthulhu Bucks

Cthulhu Bucks

Originally uploaded by Thomas Roche

Are you haunted by the knowledge that even now rugose forces slither from their Atlantean tombs to wreak squamous terrors upon man? Are you desperate to purchase a few stolen moments’ reprieve from the noisome ichor of your variegated doom? Then break out that phat billfold, playa, and count out a few Cthulhu bucks.

Yes, the Call of Cthulhu nerds at RedDawn.net have created Cthulhu Bucks, ‘coupons the players can redeem for sanity.’ That’s actually ‘player,’ not ‘playa,’ dawg, meaning they’re talking about people playing Chaosium’s Call of Cthulhu. ‘Cameos of many Lovecraft Universe illuminaries broodingly adorn the blasted faces of each note!’

These adorable monetary implements are also quite practical — who doesn’t need a little sanity now and then?

The first print run has been completed, I’m informed, but you can still acquire a few at Dagon Industries. Stock up now before the next financial crisis!


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