Religious Freaks To Shoot Hot Live Sodomite-on-Sodomite Action at Folsom Street


Originally uploaded by Alex Taldren

Interesting story from AVN‘s Mike Stabile (NSFW) about a little Folsom Street outrage:

SAN FRANCISCO — You’d think someone had spiked the holy water with hops.

….Americans for Truth About Homosexuality (AFTAH) – the men and women who brought the softcore documentary Tolerance Gone Wild to Capitol Hill last December – along with Americans for Family, Mission America, and right-wing website are mobilizing forces for an all-out assault on our little slice of Sodom.

“AFTAH already has gathered video and photo documentation of previous Folsom crimes – including rampant nudity and public orgies – on city streets with children in the crowd. We will be videotaping again Sunday… Democratic politicians like Newsom, Mark Leno and self-avowed Catholic Nancy Pelosi celebrate or refuse to denounce this event. Are these the Democratic values they want to model to the rest of the nation?”

Far be it to me to disagree with Mike… but I think you mean someone spiked the communion wine with acid, really, or maybe paranoia-inducing PCP, since Catholics don’t generally drink holy water… certainly not enough to get drunk on it were it brewed up as a holy brewski. But his sentiment is taken… who are these people, and is this a new POV niche?

Image from Alex Taldren on Flickr.

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