Legal Teen AI Chat Bots

Legal Teen AI Chat Bots

Originally uploaded by Thomas Roche

…You heard me. According to a story on XBiz (NSFW), a website called "My Young Friends" offers you a choice of 55 online chat bots to chat with about, oh, whatever comes to mind.

The bots are a form of artificial intelligence, said (by a publicist) to be the most advanced of its type in the world.

Said the company: “To make things interesting, agents have been created in the form of voluptuous young girls over the age of 18.”

Right, because a ‘normal’ artificial intelligence wouldn’t be interesting… or creepy.

Even better: ‘Each bot’s ‘brain’ is reportedly mirrored on the human brain with 20 million neurons, billions of neuronal connections and full memory, moods, intelligent reasoning and personality.”

A word to the wise: if one of these chippies asks you if you want to play a nice game of Global Thermonuclear War… change the subject.


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