Interactive Worldwide Monster Map

Crocodile Eye

Originally uploaded by A.Alshatti

A blog called Heckler Spray has an entertaining article Mahamba, a 50-foot crocodile reportedly spotted in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Wikipedia has scant information about it, but the Heckler Spray article has Google translations of a weird (maybe) first-person German account that nonetheless seems to involve Belgians.

They then quote some text….

“Probably hailing from the Lake Likouala swamp region, this animal may, in fact, be a completely new species of heretofore undiscovered large, central African crocodile. That having been said, rumors of this animal’s prehistoric origins still persist, convincing some investigators that the animal might be a freshwater variety of the presumed extinct, aquatic reptile known as mosasaurs.”

…from the Mahamba entry on an extraordinarily cool (if mostly unnavigable) site called that has this freakin’ cool interactive worldwide monster map.

This all started, of course, at, which is principally a links list but nonetheless a great and fun resource.

Love live Mahamba!


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