Bat Boy the Musical

Bat Boy the Musical

Originally uploaded by Thomas Roche

I’m going to try to make it to the Alameda production of Bat Boy: the Musical, which Wikipedia tells me is full of blood, violence, incest and interspecies sex. But then, WTF would Wikipedia know, seeing as it claims (and seem to go to great lengths to repeatedly mention) that Bat Boy is a fictional character?

Incidentally, in case you were wondering, Bat Boy is not a mutant. It was discovered well after he was rescued by Dr. Ron Dillon from the Ozark Mountains in West Virginia* that he was descended from a long list of Boys (nee Boees) both famous and infamous. Bat Boy’s relative David Boee was the oldest soldier to fight for American independence. His gangster ancestor Horace “Joe Ears” Boe died in a shootout with Elliot Ness. Joe Ears’s daughter Margaret changed her name to “Boy” so people wouldn’t know she was related to the notorious gangster.

The production is at the Altarena Playhouse until November 1. The Alameda Sun fairly raved about it, but then, not all that much goes on in Alameda, which is what’s so likeable about the place.

Go there; Bat Boy compels you:

For further reading: Weekly World News Shutting Down.

*Proving Bat Boy’s supernatural provenance, since the Ozarks are in Missouri and Arkansas.


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