Russian Convoy Attacked in Ingushetia

Flag of Ingushetia

Originally uploaded by Thomas Roche

This can’t be good:

‘A Russian military convoy has been attacked by rebels in its volatile southern region of Ingushetia.

‘Official Russian reports of the ambush, which has been blamed on local Muslim separatists, said two soldiers were killed and several more were injured.

‘But Ingushetian opposition reports suggested as many as 40 Russian soldiers were killed.

‘The convoy came under grenade attack and machine gun fire near Nazran, capital of the north Caucasus region.

The Ingushetians are a predominantly Shafii Muslim people occupying the North Caucasus region adjacent to Chechnya, Ossetia and Dagestan, north of Georgia. They were the focus of John LeCarre’s very good 1995 spy novel Our Game. I remember a compelling sequence in there describing the mass movement of populations around the Caucasus region by the Soviets, in which street names were repainted in Russian overnight. Reading Our Game is what got me interested in the Caucasus in the first place.

Image from Wikipedia.


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