Dreaming About Thinking About Blogging About Milton Berle

Milton Berle

Originally uploaded by Thomas Roche

Last night I passed a milestone in my career as a blogger. I dreamt about composing a blog post in my head.

Now, don’t get me wrong: I’ve composed plenty of blog posts in my head; I’ve also dreamed of writing blog posts. This may be a difference too subtle for most people to get, but the thing that makes this a different experience is that I was dreaming about thinking about writing about what was happening to me. Could my nights possibly get more fucking meta?

In this case, it was not a good blog post; it read “Well, there you go, there’s Milton Berle down at the end of my bed.” The sitch was that Berle was an old family friend, and he was in town for a show and asked if he could crash with me rather than staying at the Ritz-Carlton. I said “sure.” Late at night, he came into my bedroom to ask if I had any Alka Seltzer. I awakened, saw him at the end of my bed asking about antacid, and… the rest is blogger history.

Even were Milton Berle really down at the end of my bed, I would be inclined to say that’s a pretty lame way to blog it. But more importantly why, Morpheus, why couldn’t it be Catherine Zeta Jones down at the end of my bed asking for something more interesting than Alka-Seltzer?

No offense to Uncle Milty, srsly.


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