The Creepy Gnome of Argentina

The Creepy Gnome of Argentina

Originally uploaded by Thomas Roche

Teens in the Argentine town of Clodomira, in the province of Santiago del Estero, have shot videophone footage of a "petido orejudo," or "small person," aka a dwarf or creepy gnome.

Watch the video for yourself at The Sun; following some footage of the Argentine teenyboppers frolicking joyously, the pointy-headed beast, looking not unlike a shadowy hallucination of the roaming gnome, goes strolling across the street; terror ensues. "This little thing was barking like a dog – but running sideways on two legs," one of the teens said according to the Sun article.

This is far from the first time Argentines have been terrorized by the creepy gnome. Back in March is when The Sun first covered the phenomenon of a creepy gnome being videotaped in General Güemes, Salta, and thereafter hundreds of Argentines came forward with sightings of Señor Creepy. Reportedly, residents in the vicinity of sightings are afraid to leave the house.


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