Miranda, Wandering Soul of the Van Allen Belts


Originally uploaded by Thomas Roche

I love stumbling across completely random Wikipedia edits, like this addition to the entry on the given name Miranda, obviously by someone named Miranda who’s promoted herself to Wiki-worthy. I’m enough of a nerd to have looked up Squamienne. It’s not a language.

The most exciting random edit that I found once upon a time was a prominent paragraph in the entry on the Van Allen Belts about how human souls were incorporated into the Belts upon their death. Then again, visit the page today and you find out about the proposal by science fiction writer Robert L. Forward, who, interestingly enough, wrote a book called Rocheworld, to drain the Van Allen Belts, which in its own way seems no less random than claiming they’re a fandango of the damned.

This is the snapshot of human knowledge that open source information offers… it takes some weird twists and turns sometimes, people.


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